500 club winners – January 2015


Our January 500 Club Winners

1st No.13 Liz McLean £200.00

2nd No.91 Charlie Mullan £100.00

3rd No 167 Eddie McKerron £50.00

4th No.153 Wullie Ross £50.00

Congratulations to all the Winners and as always you have to be in it to win it!!!!

About the 500 club

If you’re down at the club, you’ll see we have a few notices up asking for people who may be interested in joining a “500″ club to put their names on them. The idea is you would pay £5 a month, and at the end of each month we’d have a draw, and half of what has been collected would be given out as prizes, and the other half would go into a fund for refurbishing parts of the club. It’s an interesting and exciting way of raising much needed cash for projects.

How to Join the 500 club

The draw is not limited to members, and it’s not limited to one x £5 per person. If you want to pay £20 a month, you’ll have four chances at winning! Similarly, if your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, bidie-in or granny wants to join, it’ll be open to them as well.

SIGN UP TODAY BY SENDING YOUR DETAILS TO secretary@dumbartongolfclub.co.uk



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