Fixtures & Events 2021






Thur 27th
MARCH 2021
Fri. 12th  Spoons Night 2020 trophy and medal presentation
To be held once restrictions are lifted
Sat. 13th 125 trophy 3 man scramble
Sun 14th
Mon 15th
Tues 16th
Wed. 17th
Thur. 18th
Fri. 19th
Sat. 20th  January Medal (Strokeplay)
Sun. 21st
Mon 22nd
Tues 23rd
Wed. 24th
Thur. 25th Annual General Meeting
Fri. 26th
Sat. 27th  February Medal (Strokeplay)
Sun. 28th
Mon 29th Shanghai Cup, 2 & 4 Ball Entry Closes
Tues 30th Shanghai Cup, 2 & 4 Ball draw
Wed. 31st
APRIL 2021
Thur 1st
Fri 2nd
Sat. 3rd March Medal (Strokeplay)
Sun 4th Ladies Captain v Vice Captain (1.30)
Mon 5th
Tues 6th
Wed. 7th Gents Wednesday Medal (1)
Thurs 8th
Fri. 9th
Sat. 10th Spring Meeting Alger Electrics Cup
1st Round (Stableford)
Sun 11th
Mon 12th
Tues 13th
Wed. 14th
Thur 15th
Fri. 16th
Sat. 17th  April Medal (Strokeplay)
Sun 18th
Mon 19th
Tues 20th
Wed. 21st Gents Wednesday Medal (2)
Thur 22nd
Fri. 23rd Closing Date for Shanghai Cup Prelim. Round
Sat 24th Gents Centenary Cup 1st Round (Bogey)
Sun 25th Mixed Stableford – 12.30pm
Mon 26th
Tues 27th
Wed. 28th
Thur 29th
Fri 30th
MAY 2021
Sat. 1st  May Medal & Presidents Cup Qualifier (Strokeplay)
Sun 2nd
Mon 3rd         (Closing Date for 2 & 4 Ball 1st rd)
Tues 4th
Wed. 5th Gents Wednesday Medal (3)
Thur 6th
Fri 7th
Sat. 8th Greenkeepers Medal (Stableford)
Sun 9th
Mon 10th
Tues 11th
Wed. 12th
Thurs 13th
Fri 14th
Sat. 15th Denny Salver 1st Round &
R Rodgers Qualifier (Strokeplay) 2nd & 3rd Class
Sun 16th
Mon 17th
Tues 18th
Wed. 19th Gents Wednesday Medal (4) &
Thur 20th
Fri 21st
Sat. 22nd MacKenzie Putter(Club Championsip Qual 1) (Strokeplay)
Sun 23rd
Mon. 24th Closing Date for Shanghai Cup 1st Round
Tues 25th
Wed. 26th
Thur 27th
Fri 28th
Sat. 29th D.Gray Cup & Club Championship Qualifier 2)( (Strokeplay)
Sun 30th Mixed Stableford 12.30
Mon 31st    (Closing Date for 2 & 4 ball 2nd Round)
JUNE 2021
Tue 1st
Wed 2nd Gents Wednesday Medal (5)
Thurs 3rd
Fri 4th
Sat 5th June Medal (Club Championship Qualifier 3)
Sun 6th Open Mixed Greensome (8.00 – 3.00pm)
Mon 7th  Closing Date for Shanghai Cup 2nd Round
Tue 8th
Wed 9th
Thurs 10th
Fri 11th
Sat 12th August Medal & Vets Trophy (Strokeplay)
(Club Championship Qualifier 4)
Sun 13th
Mon 14th Draw For Club Championship
Tue 15th
Wed 16th Gents Wednesday Medal (6)
Thurs 17th
Fri 18th
Sat 19th Captains Prize (Stableford)
Sun 20th
Mon 21st
Tue 22nd
Wed 23rd
Thurs 24th
Fri 25th
Sat 26th Centenary Cup 2nd Round (Bogey)
Sun 27th
Mon 28th
Tue 29th
Wed 30th Gents Wednesday Medal (7)
JULY 2021
Thur 1st
Fri 2nd
Sat 3rd  July Medal  & A Thompson Qualifier(Strokeplay)
Sun 4th
Mon 5th
Tue 6th
Wed 7th
Thur 8th
Fri 9th
Sat 10th D. Muir Texas Scramble
Sun 11th
Mon 12th
Tue 13th
Wed 14th Gents Wednesday Medal (8)
Thur 15th
Fri 16th
Sat 17th  Denny Salver 2nd Round (Strokeplay)
Sun 18th Millenium Trophy (4 Man Team)
Mon 19th
Tue 20th
Wed 21st
Thu 22nd
Fri 23rd
Sat 24th Greens Blues Charity Day
Sun 25th
Mon 26th        (Closing Day for 2 & 4 Ball 4th round )
Tue 27th
Wed 28th Gents Wednesday Medal (9)
Thur 29th
Fri 30th Sponsors Day
Sat. 31st Tennents Cup (Bogey)
Sun 1st
Mon 2nd Closing Date for Shanghai Cup 4th Round
Tue 3rd
Wed 4th
Thur. 5th Centenary Cup
Fri 6th
Sat. 7th Lions Texas Scramble
Sun 8th
Mon 9th
Tue 10th
Wed 11th Gents Wednesday Medal (10)
Thur. 12th
Fri 13th Course closed 12.30
Sat. 14th Gordon Shield Club Open
Sun 15th
Mon 16th Closing Date for Shanghai Cup 5th Round &  for 2 & 4 Ball 5th Round
Tue 17th
Wed 18th
Thur. 19th
Fri 20th
Sat. 21st Paul Watt Charity Memorial Cup
Sun 22nd Abbotsford Quaiche (
Mon 23rd
Closing date for Shanghai Cup Semi Finals & 2 & 4 Ball Semi Finals
Tue 24th
Wed 25th Gents Wednesday Medal (11)
Thur. 26th
Fri 27th
Sat. 28th  Alger Electrics 2nd Rnd Autumn Meeting (Stableford)
Sun 29th
Mon 30th
Tues 31st
Wed 1st
Thurs 2nd
Fri 3rd
Sat 4th J Luttrell Trophy Canadian Greensome
Sun. 5th Finals Day
Mon 6th
Tues 7th Shanghai Cup, 2 & 4 Ball Entry Closes
Wed 8th  Wednesday Medal Final C.Begg Cup top 24 qualify
Thurs 9th
Fri 10th
Sat 11th  September Medal & Medal Final (2020 winners)
Sun. 12th
Mon 13th
Tues 14th
Wed 15th
Thurs 16th
Fri 17th
Sat 18th R.Clifford Tour Championship (Top 32 Order Of Merit)
 & January Medal (Strokeplay )
Sun 19th
Mon 20th
Tues 21st
Wed 22nd Gents Wednesday Medal Final. C.Begg Cup
Thurs 23rd
Fri 24th
Sat 25th Russian Stableford (4 man team)
Sun 26th
Mon 27th
Tues 28th
Wed 29th
Thurs 30th
Fri 1st
Sat 2nd October Medal (Srokeplay
Sat. 9th  November Medal (Stableford)
Sat. 16th  December Medal (Stableford
Sat. 23rd Gents End of Season Scramble
Fri 13th Annual Presentation & Dinner Dance
Thur 19th

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