Message from the Captain – Volunteers

Message from the Captain – Volunteers

Message from the Captain – Volunteers


Dear fellow members,

Dumbarton Golf Club has once again proved that we have the most loyal, dedicated and hard working members in the county.

Our members day on Sunday 20th March was another great example of our members giving up their time to support our teams on the course and in the clubhouse as we prepared for the new season.

Currently there is a major concern with the decline in the junior section at our club and I believe we can all have a part to play in reversing this alarming downward trend.

In the 2011/2012 season Dumbarton Golf Club were the McIntyre league junior champions, last year we did not have enough playing junior members to be able submit a team.

We have therefore arranged a Club Golf Open day for Sunday the 24th April in conjunction with our partners at Active schools and Club Golf with the objective in introducing young people from our area to the game of golf at Dumbarton Golf Club.

We are in negotiations to bring on board Barry Campbell who is a renowned junior coach and has a fantastic track record in nurturing beginners through to competition winners to support us in our efforts to try and increase and maintain our junior membership.

Barry will be attending the open day and passing on his wisdom to the next generation of golfers and we ask that if you have children or know any that would be interested then please bring them along on the day.

If you have used one of your members benefits to introduce a junior member or are considering this option then this would also be a great opportunity to come along and join in the fun.

We have a requirement for volunteers to support our club golf coaches during their teaching sessions: If you are interested in volunteering and can spare one or two hours per week to support our junior section please contact Tony Ferrie gowfyak@yahoo.co.uk or the club direct  secretary@dumbartongolfclub.co.uk alternatively come along to the open day for more information.

I look forward to seeing you all on the day.

Regards, Frank Docherty,

Dumbarton Golf Club.


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