Social media policy

Social media policy


This Policy sets out Dumbarton Golf Club’s expectations on the use of social media websites.


To ensure Dumbarton Golf Club Members understand the guiding principles and terms of use of social media websites and to encourage the development of an understanding of both the benefits and constraints in using social media.

Guiding Principle

When any individual identifies their association with Dumbarton Golf Club they are expected to behave appropriately, in ways that are consistent with Dumbarton Golf Club values and policies.


The Internet provides many opportunities to communicate with other individuals, other Members and the community. Social media websites provide the opportunity for Members to promote the community of Members and Club activities.

Members should be aware that the use of these websites can be abused and potentially damage the reputation of Dumbarton Golf Club and in extreme cases result in legal proceedings.

The web is not anonymous. Users of social media websites should assume that any comments made by them will be able to be traced back to them as individuals or to the organisation in general. When using social websites, Members need to make a clear distinction between their activities as a Member and their personal activities undertaken outside of Dumbarton Golf Club.

The Internet is a fast moving technology and it is impossible to cover all circumstances. This policy aims to provide guiding principles to help to exercise good judgement as well as providing specific detail on behaviour that must not be under taken.



This policy covers all forms of social media and applies to Dumbarton Golf Club Members. It does not apply to personal use of social media websites when the Member:

  • Is not identifiable as a Member of Dumbarton Golf Club;
  • Makes no reference to Dumbarton Golf Club or issues relating to Dumbarton Golf Club.


  • Dumbarton Golf Club Members: Volunteers, employees and any individual authorised to represent the Club.
  • Use of social media websites: Any online activity where information is shared by an individual that might affect Members or Dumbarton Golf Club. It includes but is not limited to activities such as:
  • Maintaining a profile page on one of the social or business networking sites

(Like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or MySpace);

  • Commenting on blog sites for personal or business reasons;
  • Leaving product or service reviews on retailer sites or customer review sites;
  • Taking part in online votes and polls;
  • Taking part in conversation on public and private web forums such as message boards; or
  • Editing a Wikipedia page.


All current responsibilities of Dumbarton Golf Club Members remain in force when using social media websites. Online activity:

  • Must not be used as a formal correspondence to the Committee or Management.

Note: Inappropriate correspondences will be removed. The Committee and Management will not reply using social media;

  • Must not interfere with Club operational commitments;
  • Must not contain or link to libellous, defamatory or harassing content, including by way of examples, illustration or use of nicknames;
  • Must not contain or link to pornographic or indecent content;
  • Must not comment on or publish information that is confidential or proprietary to Dumbarton Golf Club or its affiliates;
  • Must not bring the organisation into disrepute.

Members may not use the Dumbarton Golf Club brand to endorse or promote any product, opinion, cause or political candidate.

It must be abundantly clear to any other user that any opinions expressed by a member are personal opinions only and do not represent the view of Dumbarton Golf Club.

Official Dumbarton Golf Club blogs, social pages and online forums

When using official Dumbarton Golf club blogs, social pages and online forums, please be aware:

  • Posts must not contain or link to pornographic or indecent content;
  • Dumbarton Golf Club has the right to remove any content;
  • Members must not use Dumbarton Golf Club online pages to promote personal projects or opinions; and
  • All materials published or used must respect the copyright of third parties.

Consideration towards other Members when using Social Networking sites

Social media websites allow photographs, videos and comments to be shared with other users. It is not appropriate to share club related information in unauthorised social media forums without approval from the Committee. Members must be considerate to other Members, Staff and Club and must remove information about a Member or the Club when requested by the Member or the Club.

Under no circumstances should offensive comments be made about Dumbarton Golf Club, Members and Staff online. This is deemed to be a disciplinary matter.

Friends and Connections

Members are encouraged to use their best judgement in deciding if or at what level they want to connect with other Members on social media websites. Dumbarton Golf Club will support Member decisions to keep online relationships strictly professional.

Breach of Policy

A breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action as outlined by the Club’s Member Disciplinary Policy.

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